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Birthdate:Oct 20
[series]: Magic Knight Rayearth
[player eljay]:[info]neko142001
[4th walling?]: Let's not go telling him about how his wish isn't strong enough okay?

Against the System

Name: Lantis
Birthplace: Cephiro
Role: Cail; Former Captain of the Pillar's Private Guard
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Sky blue
Other Distinguishing Features: Calm expression, black armor, a long sword with a black hilt

Born on Cephiro, Lantis is the only Magic Swordsman there is. He used those skills as Captain of the Private Guard to Princess Emeraude before he mysteriously left Cephiro. While he was gone, his older brother and the princess were killed by the Legendary Magic Knights.

Cool and calm, he returned to Cephiro with one goal in mind. To put an end to the Pillar System and the need for the Magic Knights. It is his greatest wish to never see the tragedy of Emeraude and Zagato ever happen again.

Though extremely aloof, he has a gentle spirit and is truly a good man.

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You too...cried when you were alone, didn't you?

Note: Lantis comes in shortly after he carries Hikaru to her room after she collapses.

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